Three Reasons to Preplan Your Funeral

Tuesday, July 13

Funeral preplanning has many benefits and can provide comfort and peace of mind to both you and your loved ones. When you are ready to proceed, you will sit with an experienced funeral director to discuss everything from choosing a casket to addressing any concerns that you may have about the process. Ultimately, you will walk… Read More

Can You Delay an Unveiling?

Tuesday, June 1

An unveiling is an event in which mourners gather at the gravesite of a loved one within the first year of his or her passing. The significance of the unveiling is that it represents the time when a headstone is placed and formally dedicated. This serves as an eternal, tangible marker for where the gravesite is,… Read More

How is Yom Hashoah Observed?

Tuesday, April 6

Yom Hashoah, Holocaust Remembrance Day, is a day reserved for Jews, and people of all faiths, to come together and remember the innocent lives lost during the Holocaust. Yom Hashoah can be observed in many different ways, whether you live in America, Israel, or anywhere in between. Ceremonies often include the lighting of candles to honor… Read More

Handling Loss Around Passover Time

Friday, March 26

Although Passover can be difficult for those grieving, there is always hope. Holiday traditions that will now occur with the absence of a loved one may be hard to navigate, especially when noticing their empty seat at the seder table. While healing takes time and strength, you can easily implement ways to remember and honor your loved ones during Passover. This will… Read More

Does Judaism Allow Autopsies?

Wednesday, March 3

Different cultures and religions have developed specific rituals and behaviors in relation to the subject of death. The passing of family members, friends, leaders, or peers, can be an emotional and difficult time to navigate for many. As a result, various traditions and precedents have formed to help individuals say goodbye to the deceased. Holding funerals… Read More

Can Jewish People be Buried with Tattoos?

Thursday, January 21

Old myths die hard. For ages, almost every Jewish individual has heard the following from the start of their journey in the religion, “Jewish people cannot be buried in a Jewish cemetery if they have tattoos.”  A report done by the Pew Research Center of 1,500 people discovered that 36 percent of 18 to 25… Read More

Why Do We Have Funerals?

Wednesday, December 30

Although we may lose the physical presence of our loved ones, the memory of them will remain in our hearts and minds forever. Before tucking these memories away, we must say an official goodbye to their physical being and that is typically carried out by holding a funeral. In order to preserve the bodies and honor the individuals… Read More

Will Organ Donation Affect My Jewish Burial?

Friday, November 13

Many people have heard that if you are an organ donor, you cannot be buried according to Jewish law. Historically, this may have been true, but in modern times, this is no longer the case. Judaism considers saving a life as the highest of ethical obligations, which is why organ donation has universal support across… Read More

Remembering Your Loved Ones During the High Holidays

Friday, September 18

Celebrating the holidays without a loved one is understandably, painful. Year after year, Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, the prescribed times to reflect on life and remember loved ones, are spent with family, it’s a Jewish tradition. While this tradition continues amongst the living, the absence of those that have passed, is noticeable. After losing… Read More