How to Share the News of a Family Member’s Death

Thursday, February 20

Spreading the news of milestone events such as births and engagements is easy, exciting, and extremely anticipated, however, we will inevitably be faced with having to convey melancholic, yet necessary news of a loved one’s passing to family, friends and other relevant parties. While we fear the days that these calls need to be made,… Read More

Jewish Burial Garments

Tuesday, January 28

When planning a loved one’s funeral, many people may automatically assume that staging the decedent’s attire is necessary for burial. Depending on the religion, this may be the case, as many faiths bury the departed in beloved or formal articles of clothing and accessories. However, Jewish funeral customs establish that burial garments be simple and uniform for… Read More

Dressing for a Jewish Funeral

Sunday, December 22

What to wear is one of the most common questions that we ask ourselves on a daily basis. For most occasions, we have a general idea of how we are expected to dress. However, when a loss occurs and it  time to pay our respects, it may be questionable as to what is appropriate. The… Read More

Shiva Etiquette

Monday, November 18

Losing a loved one or someone you are close to is never easy. Making sure you are honoring them properly is important. In the Jewish religion many families sit Shiva. Shiva is defined as a period of seven days of formal mourning for the dead, beginning immediately after the funeral. Shiva normally takes place in… Read More

Ways to Honor Your Loved One

Friday, October 18

After losing a loved one many people have a hard time moving on. They feel as if they will forget about them. That is not true at all, we have found some ways to honor a loved one so you can move on, but their memory is never forgotten. Cooking Their Favorite Meal A nice… Read More

How is Someone of the Jewish Faith Prepared for Burial

Thursday, February 22

The Jewish religion has certain customs and traditions regarding the preparation of a decedent for burial. Unlike many other faiths, the first rule of preparation for a decedent that is of the Jewish faith is that there be no embalming. Embalming is a process of preservation involving the invasive use of chemicals that is considered… Read More

What is the Reason to Consider a “Watcher”?

Thursday, February 15

Many families, while making funeral arrangements for a loved one, will ask for a “watcher” without really knowing the reason behind having one. Many years ago, a watcher was a person assigned to “watch” a body just in case the person was not actually dead as the tests for death were not as certain as… Read More