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Can You Delay an Unveiling?

Headstone with a Jewish Star
Typically, according to Jewish tradition, an unveiling takes place during the first year from when death occurred.

An unveiling is an event in which mourners gather at the gravesite of a loved one within the first year of his or her passing. The significance of the unveiling is that it represents the time when a headstone is placed and formally dedicated. This serves as an eternal, tangible marker for where the gravesite is, allowing friends and family members to come visit and honor the memory of the person who has passed.

Over time, different customs and traditions have formed in relation to honoring the deceased at their gravesite. Currently, the ceremony is traditionally directed by a rabbi and/or cantor who leads prayers, while fostering togetherness, helping individuals find closure and fondly remember their loved ones.

Typically, according to Jewish tradition, an unveiling takes place during the first year from when death occurred. This is advantageous for many reasons, including giving the soil time to set and family a period to mourn before moving forward. Although this is customary, there are no strict guidelines in place that dictate when an unveiling must occur. It is however, common for families to choose a date between the Shiva and first Yahrzeit.

Shiva is the period of time that family and friends spend gathered together to recall and reflect on the life of their loved one. After Shiva, the period of Shloshim refers to the following thirty days of intense mourning practiced by the family. Lastly, the first Yahrzeit approaches, which signifies the anniversary of the death. Unveilings should happen prior to this day, if possible, in order to close the chapter and prepare the family for the future.

Although there is generally a timeline, things happen. Events that are out of our control like severe weather, a family or personal emergency, or other unforeseen larger-scale state of emergencies, can prohibit people from traveling, make large gatherings impossible, or require us to stay isolated from others. As a result, unveilings could be delayed due to the circumstances.

If an unveiling cannot fit within the first year, holding it as close to the date as possible, is recommended. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that all people that you hope to be present, including a rabbi or cantor, are available on the selected date. We suggest pre-planning, letting everyone know the proposed date beforehand to avoid scheduling conflicts.

Unveilings are a special way to honor your loved one’s memory. If you have any questions related to planning, do not hesitate to reach out. At Star of David Memorial Chapels in Long Island, New York, our funeral directors are here to help provide guidance with questions pertaining to burials, funeral and cremation services, and unveilings. Please contact us at 631-454-9600.