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Denise Bonom

July 30, 1967 – November 16, 2022


Waters of Babylon Chapel

Date: November 20, 2022 Time: 2:00 PM


Wellwood Cemetery: 1400 Wellwood Ave, West Babylon, NY 11704



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Lisa Schenone
4 months ago

My dear friend, of 40 years, I will love you forever. I am so sorry. xoxo

teri vitolo
4 months ago

wo will miss you very much my darling your loving mother and father

4 months ago
Reply to  teri vitolo

I am so sorry that you have to go through this, a parent should never have to bury a child. She was an awesome person and friend. Thank you for bringing her to life.

4 months ago

So sorry that you’re not here between us anymore. I miss you forever. I know you’re in peace now with no more pain and angles taking care of you. I’m so grateful to know you.

you will always be in our prayer and thoughts.

Kelly Pettersen
4 months ago

Denise.. you will be so missed beyond words. I feel you are at peace now mentally and physically back with your grandma and giving Christopher treats!
Hugs and condolences to all those whose hearts are hurting for the loss of Denise. May her memory be a blessing. REST IN PEACE

Marlene Fenton
4 months ago

Dear Denise, I never had the pleasure of meeting you in person but feel like I knew you through your lovely sister Danielle. She loved you beyond measure and will miss you so along with your family and friends. My condolences to all of them. I’m so sorry for all of your trials and hope you are at peace. One day I will meet you in heaven. Until then watch over those who love you. Love, Marlene

Danielle Vitolo
4 months ago

I could not speak at your funeral because I can not stop sobbing. No surprise there. I was the emotional one and you were my strong loving sister. I wish I could have done more for you. I will miss you tremendously.

4 months ago

I am so sorry, she was so loved and will be so missed.

Jackie Danzo
4 months ago

Danielle , I’m so sorry for your loss ! I remember so many times I would be on the phone with Denise and then you would call and Denise would say my sister is calling me , Coco Puffs, I’ll call you back ! How I wish I could have helped her more . 😔 If you ever want to reach out to me to learn more feel free Danielle ! My number is 516-547-6120 . I miss your sister and my heart is broken ! 💔 Also her neighbor Jackie misses her too. Her phone number is 516- 582-4596 if you ever want someone to talk to. We have so many funny stories about your sister. Especially about chocolate . She was pisser for sure. I will be broken hearted forever.

4 months ago

When I found out that we lost you, I had no words. My heart hurt so much that I couldn’t allow myself to think about you. Over the last couple days, I started to think about all of our wonderful memories. I laughed and cried at the same time. Some of my favorite memories are the “sure” card, walking in a terrible lightning storm to the point you were crying, crawling through the back of the Honda because the doors wouldn’t open, smacking a meatball out of your hand at 4am and your ability to suck on a lifesaver till it was paper thin. I’m sorry that I couldn’t make the lifesavers last and would crunch them as soon as I put it in my mouth. I tried so hard, I remember you bought me gum instead. Anytime I hear any of our favorite dance songs, I will think of you and smile as I already do! Thanks for being my friend and dancing with me! You will be so missed. Give Bubbe a hug for me. Rest in Peace my beautiful friend.

4 months ago

My Godmother, my cousin, my sister… I will miss you always and forever and I will hold on to all the memories we have. I pray you are finally at peace and with Bubbe, Grandpa & Christopher. Please watch over us. I hope to see you again someday. Love you with all of my heart.