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End of Life Decisions: How the Coronavirus has Expedited Estate and Funeral Planning 

The pandemic has altered most people’s plans for many things. Whether short-term or long-term, minuscule to grand, it was inevitable that plans would have to be adjusted or cancelled to coincide with what is currently going on in the world. Being cooped up in apartments for months made many New York families fast forward their plans to become homeowners, employees with stable careers found themselves seeking new employment, and business owners have been faced with the difficult decision to close up shop permanently. Each of these changes relate to life planning, but at the same time, the coronavirus has accelerated motivation for end-of-life planning.  

Typically, the majority of adults shy away from discussing end-of-life care or dwelling on their eventual death. Dealing with Covid-19 has prompted people to talk about death. Individuals of all ages may be scared, especially knowing that the virus has unfortunately, affected members of every generation. Those with children, especially frontline workers or immunocompromised, have begun to hire attorneys to draw up wills as precaution or ensure that their asset beneficiaries are in order. Children with aging parents or people with underlying conditions have initiated conversations regarding who can speak on their behalf, life support or palliative care direction, and funeral planning 

After the media reports of patients in hospitals alone, intubated or in comatose states, succumbing to illness without any last communication with their families, the public became aware of the stress endured by their surviving family members. People that were on the fence about pre-planning were driven to move forward, putting advance directives and other orders in place, in the event that they became sick. 

Planning for what is inevitable should not invoke fear. Talking about end-of-life care, desire for burial vs cremation, or memorial services, should be handled in the same manner as financial or retirement planning. We obtain life insurance or secure investments to protect our loved ones. Pre-planning also protects them. Having your affairs in place now, will reduce the burden of everything from making ventilation support decisions to searching for a funeral home and making funeral arrangements. 

It is never too early to plan for the future. If you are looking for funeral directors on Long Island, please contact us (631-454-9600) for information about pre-planning funeral arrangements. We can assist you with everything from funeral and cremation services, to selecting caskets, and pointing you in the direction of local Jewish cemeteries.