Memorial Book for Anne Katz Hanna

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  1. Anne Katz-Hanna was a beautiful soul. A very hard-working lady, who dedicated, heart and soul to her family, of whom she was so proud. If you were fortunate enough to be her friend, you were very lucky indeed. Anne was so sweet and just a warm, wonderful and very lovely lady. She was loved and treasured by all who knew her and admired for her incredible strength when confronting her challenges, against which she fought long and hard. We will all miss her terribly.. Rest well now, my dear friend, and in peace. My heart aches for you. May God hold you in his loving embrace.We love you.

  2. I feel blessed to have known Anne. She was warm and inviting and always referred clients to me and we remained friends long after I met her at my job. I am sad for her that she won’t see her kids fully grow up and sad for her family but I hold strong the belief that her soul has gone to an incredible, indescribable place where she is healed, free of pain, free — and full of joy once again! She awaits you all there.

  3. Everyone leaves something on this earth. Anne Katz-Hanna was a loving and beautiful woman …who gave more to me than I could find words to describe. She enriched my life with her courage and, love and fierce determination. To her family and friends … thank you for sharing her with this world … she will forever be a shining star in heaven and I will always celebrate her life. Rest in peace.

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We welcome you to share your memories with us and with those who visit here.
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