Memorial Book for George Nadel

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  1. We remember George as a bright, cheerful, generous man with the ability to spread joy wherever he went. He was a loving and caring husband and father. His smile would light up the room. His positive energy was absolutely contagious.
    We will greatly miss him.
    May his memory always be for a blessing.

  2. I have many fond memories of Uncle George and our extended family.
    May uncle George’s memory be for a blessing.

  3. Uncle George was always warm, clever and funny. At family events, my Grandpa Sidney would proudly bring him around and declare “This is my kid brother!” Uncle George brought great joy to my Grandfather and it was fun having them together at our family simchas. Uncle George also showed me his watches and I remember learning from him that watches and clocks took great skill, which an engineer would particularly appreciate- it was a hobby that, before that, I never knew existed. I will remember Uncle George fondly. May his memory be a blessing.

  4. I nevrr
    Met George but i remember singing Dayanu wit him on the phone during Passover. He was so happy.Barbara was a most devoted, loving daughter. We should all have daughters and friends like her. His neshama should have an alyiah.

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We welcome you to share your memories with us and with those who visit here.
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