Memorial Book for Scott Martin

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  1. Mrs. Martin, Gabby, and Josh Martin,

    On behalf of the jazz band, I once again send your family my deepest condolences. The death of our beloved mentor and my second dad is not easy. He has done so much for us during our time together and he will be deeply missed by those who know him the best.

    I still remember my initial meeting with Scott back in 6th grade. He was a bit intimidating and scary for a newbie at the school but as our time together progressed, I would consider them as a precious memory that I will remember for years to come. He’s so compassionate about us, even during a difficult time in his life. It is very hard to explain how amazing of a person he really is. He’s my role model. He is by far the strongest and the bravest person I’ve ever met in my life. We’re very lucky.

    Also in writing this, we don’t want to be insensitive during this difficult time for your family but we’re asking for your permission if we could stop by the Shiva and pay our respect while show love and support for your family. We will respect your choices no matter what. Please note, we will continue to support you and your family no matter what and if you ever need to contact us, feel free to do so. Please take care.

    Telephone: 917-690-8893

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We welcome you to share your memories with us and with those who visit here.
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