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Earl Victor Friedman

Date: Thursday, February 6, 2020

Time: 12:00pm

Location: Isaiah Chapel

Cemetery: Wellwood Cemetery


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Jerry, Bettye, Amanda, Alicia, Ari, Aaron, Dylan, Lila and tyler
2 years ago

Leah, Susan, Paul and Stuart- We can not say anymore than we are heartbroken to hear of your loss. My father always said that Vic and Rita were his favorites. Once we moved to Baltimore, he loved coming back to New York, to visit my Aunt Mollie and your parents and his niece and nephew. He was so very special. So caring, so wonderful both in and out, so creative, so pleasant. He was so proud of each of you and all that you have accomplished. Have comfort that he lived a wonderful life,accomplished so much, loved each of you as well as his grandchildren more than words can say. He will rest in peace.

Rona (Martin) Trachtenberg and Lee Trachtenberg
2 years ago

Paul – We are sorry for your loss. We are sure your father was proud of all your accomplishments. May your heart heal soon.

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