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Elaine Glick

Date: Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Time: 1:00pm

Location: Graveside

Cemetery: Mount Ararat Cemetery


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Robin Slavitsky
2 years ago

It was over 45 years ago that I met Elaine when we both worked in NYC.
We bonded & became very close friends.
Sharing visits to our homes for many years.
I found her to be quiet & reserved & always a classy lady.
Elaine spoke highly of her sisters, nieces & nephews.
A great dresser, she knew so much about fashion & being proper.
I will truly miss her phone calls, e-mails & sharing memories & Elaine

2 years ago

Aunt Elaine, you told us what we meant to you and how proud of us you were every single day. Your positive light and kindness continue to brighten the world through inspiration. I love you and hope you know you are always in our hearts. Thank you for your never ending support. Peace and love to a beautiful soul.

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