Memorial Book for Enoch Kleidermacher

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  1. It was great to work with you all those years at Pitney Bowes from 8th & Arch in downtown Philly to Delran, NJ. RIP my friend.

  2. Kleid, you will be deeply missed. You were a wonderful friend to me and my family. May your memory be a blessing. My condolences to Becky, Audrey, Tracy and your family. Our hearts are with you.

  3. Mr Kleid I have so many wonderful memories of you. The Kleid burgers …swimming after school…having dinner w you guys….your jokes. I can’t believe your gone. You made your home, my home away from home, my safe haven. Thank you for being so smart, building me my first computer, teaching me anything and everything technical I ever needed to know. I love you Mr K, I’ll miss you always.

  4. May God bless you and your loving family. I often think about my days at Pitney bowes and the wonderful people I met….💖🇺🇲🕊🌿🌟

  5. I will forever remember Mr K singing, cooking, and being one of the happiest men I’ve ever met. He introduced me to potato pancakes and I’ve been hooked ever since. He was a great loving Dad and husband. I’m so sorry everyone for your loss.

  6. Tracy, Becky and Audrey my heartfelt condolences to you and your family. I will always cherish the fond memory of inviting me to your new Florida home. Kleid had a heart of gold.

  7. I I will miss my brother forever.Cannot believe zi will be able,e to talk to him again. On a good note I last saw in January 12 attending his granddaughter Maya Bath Mitzvah. I was very happy and we all had a great time. That is the last time I saw my baby brother Enoch

  8. Dear Rebecca, Audrey, Tracy, Rose, Moishe, Michael and the rest of the mishpucha. My memory of Henry and all of you goes way back many years. I do remember his love for cooking. And he was great at that too. My heartfelt condolences to all of you. I can’t be at the site of the funeral. But, I will watch it on video. So sorry for your loss! May his memory be a blessing!

  9. dearest family
    hofman family sends our deepest condolences during this very difficult time.
    memories of my uncle span over the course of 57 years. we had great times.the most memorable are our trips to as kids to new jersey for bbq with the whole family. the laughter was uncontrollable. we were so close,.we alwats looked forward to henry’s chulunt. thanksgiving in new jersey was the highlight growing up. love you all. we will on the livestream praying and grieving with you all.

  10. My sympathy to Becky, Audrey and Tracy.
    Klein was a gentleman who i am proud to have called my friend.

  11. Being the eldest nephew of the family I feel like I want to share a few words about my Uncle Henry. My Uncle Henry was a Vietnam veteran he was a great husband father grandfather uncle and brother he lived his life the way he wanted to spoke his mind and didn’t care what anyone thought that’s what I loved about him he was a joker he made you feel good and he never complained about anything it’s unfortunate that with this virus going on we’re not able to honor my Uncle Henry in the way that we would have because cemeteries are not allowing people to come in and we can only have a graveside burial but nevertheless I want to share these little things with people to know that he was a great person we all love him and we will all miss him my heart goes out to Aunt Rebecca cousin Tracy in Audrey Sam Maya Ethan my mom Rose my uncle my Mike and the rest of the family love all you guys and we will miss you Uncle Henry love you rest in peace and watch over all of us

  12. I love you Uncle Henry, you and Aunt Rebecca came to all my dance recitals and I have nothing but loving memories of you. You will be very missed in our families at Thanksgivings, Pesachs, Channukah bat/bar mitzvahs, and more. I am grateful I got to know you in this life and until we meet again.
    Love, Samara,

  13. Enoch was one of the first people who made me feel welcomed when I landed in the USA 20 years ago. I loved having a conversation with him – in English or Spanish! He will be missed. May he rest in peace. Holding him and his family in the light.

  14. Alan and Myra Manus are sending you and all your loved ones our deep felt condolences. May Enoch rest in peace. We would like you to know your friends at Centennial Mill are here to support you in any way we can. Shalom.

  15. Alan and Myra Manus send their heart felt condolences to you and all your loved ones. May Enoch rest in peace. Your friends at Centennial Mill are hear to support you in any way. Shalom!

  16. When I was 12 I was climbing the fence in Uncle Henry’s back yard (we grew up a few blocks away), jumped over but my pant leg was caught and I broke my leg. Uncle Henry came running out and was like, “don’t worry duvidal, it’s no big deal you’ll be fine”. I had a cast during my bar-mitzvah, but he was right, it was going to be alright. Uncle Henry was such a character, he really enjoyed life and made us laugh and eat lots of cholent and ambrosia. Our thanksgivings growing up were EPIC, and Uncle Henry led the way with joy. Later on, lots of people started calling my uncle – Kleid. But to me, he was always my Uncle Hen (or sometimes just Unc). We all had our special names for him. And all along his journey in life, he was an amazing father, husband, and grandfather – we mourn with Aunt Becky, Audrey, Tracy, Sam, Ethan, Maya, and the Gansta Mishpucha. His memory is blessed, and Unc will always be with us.

  17. I am an only child. Henry was a fabulous brother-in-law,His many kindnesses,thoughtfulness, understanding and good humor will always be remembered. He was a devoted family man, When Henry said, “I’m coming to the shore to visit,he meant “The whole mischpacha,
    Is com in’ down, and it was always great fun,
    Henry will be sorely missed. He was a wonderful man.

  18. a great man and one of the best neighbors we ever had thank you for all the potato pancakes never forget them or you rest easy n God’s hands

  19. Hard to find words to sum up so many decades of memories. Makes me smile to see many memories that are so similar to my own of Uncle Henry. Definitely a loving and dedicated family man, with a way of making even tough situations seem like they were just a bump in the road. Like most Jewish families, our gatherings usually revolved around food…LOTS of food. The word “bones” always comes to mind when I think about those days. And one of my favorite memories… Uncle Henry teaching me how to make his famous Cholent the day after Thanksgiving. I lived for his…and mine was never as good. But I will try again this year in your memory, Uncle Henry!
    Lots of love to Becky, Audrey, Tracy and the rest of the mishpucha!

  20. Enoch in the Bible means teacher Kleid was a GREAT teacher. I’ve learned so much from him and he made me a better person. I will miss my friend.

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