Memorial Book for Eric Allen Chasanoff

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  1. Eric was a wonderful and kind husband, incredible father and amazing grandfather. He was a brilliant man that used that gift to help everyone he met and he never gave up on anything or anyone no matter the difficulties he may have faced. Eric was an educator, but most importantly he was a family man. His family always came first. Eric enjoyed raising his three children, playing with his grandchildren and coaching countless soccer, basketball and baseball teams over the years.

    Before entering education Eric had a long professional career working in Environmental Sciences. Eric started at the Environment Protection Agency working on Air Pollution. Then he moved to NBC as a meteorologist. After many years working at NBC, he moved on to Parsons Brincherhoff as an Air Pollution Scientist. With a passion for education Eric decided to pivot his career and he become an Earth Science Teacher at Jamaica High School, where he spent the majority of his teaching career. Additionally, Eric was a long time coach of the Jamaica High School Varsity Girls Soccer Team. Eric loved teaching and being a fierce advocate for his students and other teachers.

    Eric poured considerable amount of time into his blog Chaz’s School Daze ( providing information for New York City Teachers. The knowledge, support and guidance he created for those teachers shines through with the comments people have placed on his blog.

    “My condolences to you and your family. Your father was a LION of the first order when it came to educating teachers and speaking up for them. You must know that. I’m sure you do, but you must understand how true that is, so I will say it as if you were standing right here in front of me.

    Your father’s blog was the real deal! It was gritty. It was plain and simple – no frills. He talked about the real stuff that teachers wanted to learn about. He brought up topics the other bloggers didn’t. He talked the classroom. He talked pensions. He talked TDA. Maybe everyone didn’t agree with his politics or tone, but they respected him. He knew his stuff, and he sure as hell taught many of us. I’ve gotten a lot of, “Where did you find that out?” over the years. I got it from your dad.

    My deepest condolences to you and your family. Your father will not be missed – he will be terribly missed in our community. I’m stunned.” – Anonymous

    “You were a tireless advocate for teachers and students. Though we didn’t always agree on all the issues, I appreciate your friendship. When I was fired from my job in the DOE in 2013, you gave me a voice to share my story with the education community of NYC. You supported UFT Solidarity in the 2016 and 2019 elections. You never backed away from a debate and you always cared so much about public education. I still refer colleagues and friends to your blog’s pages. Thank you Eric.” – Lydia H.

    “Words cannot say how sad I am of this news. I never met Chaz but followed his blog religiously for years. I learned so much from him about teachers rights, tda, pension, tiers, managing administration and the list could go on. He was invaluable support to me and so many others. My heart goes out to you and your family. RIP Chaz, you will be missed.” – Anonymous


  2. My father was an educator and I don’t mean just for his working career. Too often today people are defined by what they do, but in this case my father was an educator in and out of the classroom to anyone he faced. He would share his knowledge so freely with everyone around him, whether it be family, friends, coworkers or even random strangers on the Internet. After his passing our family was inundated with so many calls and posts of sympathy expressing how much my father taught them about one subject or another. Personally, I think about all the things he has taught me throughout my life. From coaching my soccer team, how to invest for retirement and how to work with numbers and colors with my little daughter, he was always there to guide and support me. If I had a question and needed someone just to argue out an idea, he would be there.

    So… what now? I say a man is judged on how he affects the world around him and my father was that man who made a difference in every challenge he came upon. My father was a leader that made everyone better without asking for anything in return. As I grew up I watched my dad teach me and countless others. What he taught me are things I carry with me everyday and teach to others. When I teach a class, whether it be technical or on the mats, people will compliment my detail and patience. This is all do to my dad’s teachings and approaches. I think the best way to remember him and continue his impact on the world is to continue to shared what he taught me and follow in his leadership footsteps.

  3. Dad, I am so unbelievably sad that you are gone. Life won’t be the same without you. You were always there for me whenever I needed advice on something. You would talk to me about everything from financial advice to nonsense about random things. It’s so hard not being able to pick up the phone to call you. I remember all the good memories from when we were younger. You would always play with me, Bryan and mark in the backyard and teach us new sports. You got us a dog because we wanted one. You got us a pool because we wanted one. You even let us practice bowling in the basement to the point we left holes in the wall. You were at every one of our sports games cheering us on. You were always there for us. You were there no matter what we needed. When we were at amusement parks you would go on the scary roller coasters with me even though I knew you didn’t really want too. Every year you made sure we took a vacation to different parts of the country. You took us to Disney World, horseback riding, white water rafting, snow tubing, and so many other activities. You would drive all night taking me all over the state looking at colleges and always answered your phone if I called while I was away. You always dropped everything else you were doing to just talk to me. Your kids always came first, that was just the type of person you were. You gave me a wonderful childhood that I wouldn’t change for the world. Our memories will live on through stories I will tell my kids, your grandkids. Like the time Owen refused to ride the bike that he had for 2 months. You took him outside for 5 minutes and had him riding like a professional. You had a way about you that will never be able to be replaced, but I know you will still be there rooting on your grandkids when Owen gets his first homerun in baseball or when Sophie scores her first soccer goal. We may not be able to see you but I know you will still be there because thats the type of grandfather you are. Life without you will not be the same. You will be greatly missed. RIP Dad. You will live on in our memories and stories. Love you always.


  4. Eric was a true family man. Every time my husband Bryan and I would come to visit them, Eric would always make sure I felt a part of the family. I remember the first time I came to meet them while Bryan and I were first dating; Bryan told his dad that I had never really seen New York. Therefore, Eric made sure to take the family into the city where we walk around, saw some museums, had a soft pretzel, saw where Broadway was located and then head to Coney Island to walk the boardwalk, watch the waves and get some authentic New York pizza. In the years after, every year we came to visit, he would always have something fun planned for us and his granddaughter. From going to the aquarium, the farm, the parks and most recently apple picking, we always had a great time making wonderful memories with the family.

    Whenever we would talk on the phone Eric would give Bryan and me great teaching advice on how to work with our little one. We use his suggestions and games every day.

    Eric was an amazing husband, father and grandfather. He would do anything for his family and he always wanted to make sure everyone was happy and well taken care of. The last time we were up in New York, I remember Eric went out and got Fran and me this blueberry coffee we like from 711, while he was on his daily coffee and newspaper run. Eric and I would sit at the kitchen table, while everyone else was still asleep, talking about the daily news, activities for the day and the stories and memories he had with his children and wife while they were younger. He was so proud of his wife and children. He would always tell me how smart, talented and successful they all are and he could not ask for anything more.

    To this day I know his family will carry his legacy on of being smart, talented, kind and patient with everyone. We will always have Eric in our hearts and memories.

    Pop Pop, (aka Eric), although you are gone from this earth, you will never be gone from our hearts and memories we shared. We love you and know you are watching us from above, guiding us on our next steps in life.

  5. Dear Eric

    After becoming a father myself I realised it is not easy, having to care for kids after long day of work and always finding that balance between career and family. However you did an excellent job raising a great family while being a fantastic educator and well respected blogger. That was impressive.

    I’m truly grateful that you welcomed me into your wonderful family by letting me marry your daughter. I forever appreciate that.

    It really sucks we can’t watch games together at your den anymore and talk about how much of a trouble maker Marissa was. But I can only promise you when the Mets go back to World Series or playoff, I’ll be watching with your grandkids cheering for them and thinking of you, of course as long as they not playing the Yankees….

    I know we don’t say it enough, but we all love you very much, I hope you know that. We will take care of each other and carry on your legacy.

    Thank you for everything.

    Kevin Yen

  6. Eric and I shared a life together that has been cut short, but the happiness and memories we shared together will last a lifetime. I lost my husband, my confidant, my best friend, my soul mate and I miss him greatly.
    I met Eric 46 years ago, at a dance in Queens, New York. For our first date he took me to the amusement park. Eric always thought of fun places to go and used to drive us all over the city. Eric knew the city well and knew where to go.
    We been married for 42 years. We raised 3 amazing children, and have 3 wonderful grandchildren. Eric cherished his family. His family always came first. He was always there for all of us. Encouraging the children with their studies, sports and anything they wanted to do, anywhere they wanted to go.
    Eric you were always there either coaching them in soccer, baseball, and basketball or cheering them on. You never missed a game or any school event. You were always so proud of your children and we all loved you dearly. You drove us all over for vacations, from Canada, Vermont, New Hampshire, North Carolina , Virginia and Disney World, just to name a few. You made each and every vacation exciting, and we all loved going on them. You also planned exciting activities for our grandchildren, such as the zoo, safari park, the beach, aquarium, petting zoo and just recently apple picking. You supported me when I wanted to go back to work. We will all missed your wisdom, your advise, your thoughts, and especially your guidance.
    Eric you were a kind, handsome, smart, caring man with a big heart. You were a true advocate and leader to the NYC Teaching Community. You always put your students and fellow teachers first. You loved teaching, education and coaching soccer for the Jamaica High School Girls Soccer Team. You wrote many interesting and informative articles on your Blog “Chaz’s School Daze.” You helped hundreds of teachers who read your blog and made a big differences to so many teachers with your support, knowledge, friendship and kindness. You were always looking to help everyone. The school community truly misses you.
    Thank you for making our life together amazing. You did so much for me. You always wanted me to be happy and always encouraging me. Thank you for our wonderful kids. The three kids remind me so much of you. You left a piece of you in each one of them.
    Thank you for all the lessons we learned, the jokes we shared, adventures we had and your support and guidance throughout the years. You left behind wonderful memories of a loving husband, father and grandfather. To the greatest husband, my best friend, my sole mate, I love you forever. You will always be in my heart. Rest in Peace.

  7. Dearest Family of Eric Chasanoff… I just heard of his passing today … so very sorry to hear… I grew up in Deepdate, knew Lisa – I played Liesl to her Maria in the PS187 production of Sound of Music….I wanted to let you know how sorry I am for your dad’s passing… my mom Anna Levine passed of COVID in mid-April, a cousin of mine, passed at 62 a couple of weeks earlier… there is no one who can erase the pain of your loss of this horrific disease and your dad was a young man with many years ahead … I hope that you find comfort in the memories you hold and that his may be for a blessing… I hope you find peace and that you are able to keep him alive with the stories that made up his life, and the people in it who he loved and who loved him….

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