Memorial Book for Steven Margolies

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  1. You left us far too young Steve, and you will be missed by many many people. Love to Aunt Dell and Debbie. Sending hugs from New England.

  2. Love to you. You were a good man, a great dad, an awesome cousin, and a devoted son. Your family and the world is going to miss you dearly. I hope you are in peace with your beloved Dad and our tears are with all those left behind.

  3. What a terrible tragedy for Steven to pass away so suddenly! Even more tragic is that he has died only three months after his beloved father Paul left us. My heart goes out to Dell, Alana, Katryna, Debbie, Renny, Josie and all other loved ones and friends.
    I have many wonderful memories of Steven. Our visits to Canarsie and later to the North Woodmere house were always so fun and filled with Stevie laughing, playing and enjoying being with family. One memory stands out in my mind. Stevie was a little boy and we had spent the day with Dell, Paul, Stevie and Debbie at the Canarsie house. My brothers Larry and Leonard wanted to continue to play with Stevie and asked if Stevie could have a sleepover at our house (in Laurelton). Stevie had a fun night and then went to bed without a fuss. However, it was July 4th and the fireworks woke Stevie up. To say that Stevie was scared is an understatement !! He was so hysterical that we had to call Dell and Paul in the middle of the night. Without hesitation, Paul came at about 3:00 AM all the way from Canarsie to pick Stevie up. Every July fourth I relive that night and will never forget it.
    Rest in peace my sweet cousin Stevie.
    Since my mother, Stevie’s Aunt Norma, is no longer with us I am compelled to share what I think she would have written. There was a commercial on TV for Campbell’s soup when Stevie was a little boy. The boy in the commercial was gorgeous with freckles and strawberry blond hair. He resembled Stevie to a “T”. His Aunt Norma always remarked that Stevie should be a model and should be doing the commercial for Campbell’s soup instead of the child that they selected. Aunt Norma loved Dell, Paul and especially Stevie and Debbie.

  4. Steven was a very happy baby, when my mother tried to make him cry (one of her endearing qualities) he just laughed at her. He shot her down 😁.

  5. Steven was my baby cousin by 2 years. We grew up together, played every weekend and summer for years, from Canarsie to Laurelton and North Woodmere, to NYC… Tragic doesn’t begin to describe how i feel about his loss and to his loving family. I am selecting a picture of an afternoon Steven and I spent at Dell & Paul’s pool around 1975, taking pictures of each other on our first cameras. Since those days in our 20’s we drifted apart but found each other on Facebook about 5 years ago, and I enjoyed those interactions, cooking pix, likes and shares. I already miss what could have been… Rest in Peace baby cousin. you will always be in my heart. Love, “Cousin Lennard in the Yard”

  6. Steven will be missed by his family and friends! It teaches me that tomorrow is so uncertain so I have to live life to the fullest. I’m sending my love and condolences to all of you!

  7. Steven Margolies – i miss you my big brother. I am still in disbelief that I cannot pick up the phone and send you text. Or be on the receiving end of our random texts regarding whatever. You’ve left a void. I hate that I have to accept it. Memories, oh memories. It hurts because there was no goodbye or talk soon. God knew what He was doing when he brought our paths together. The good, the bad and the ugly. But I always look to the good memories. Much Love Steve. Til we meet again.

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