Memorial Book for Peter Libardi

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  1. I will never forget not stopped loving you . I will tho always appreciated everything will you the is she just.

  2. I will always love and never stop loving you daddy. You will always walk with me. I just so sorry I never was able to make up for the lost time. And that was me being naive never really this day for you would ever come. But you can lay to rest and peace knowing that all of us…both daughters and sons will always see how much of an impact you had on each of us. I just wished I could get one more hour dad I would love to see you and hold my dad just one more time. And laugh . For that I will never forgive myself . Love you Peter ❣️

  3. Rest in peace Uncle Peter. Will always remember ur calls and the laughs we shared. Forever in my heart. Will miss u. Love ya.

  4. I will always remember you and I wish you much peace and rest in your new destination , I hope you are already reunited with your dear parents .

    I love you ( kaka)

  5. You’re birthday was Saturday, you would of been 64… i wish you were here, i know you didnt want to leave us, you’re the most wise most caring father a daughter can ask for. I wish i was with you but i know we will be together very soon, dont ever forget how much i love you. Ill forever miss you & your hugs.

    Love, your princess t❤️

  6. Peter I miss you so much. We all do. Like lil mommas said you didn’t want to leave us you fought so much. I wish you were still here. You are one of a kind very strong, wise, hardworking man. You are truly missed. I love you- Karilu

  7. I miss you now, I’ll miss you Tommrow and I’ll miss you always. You never seem to leave my thoughts, I hope one day in the far future I’ll be able to reconnect with you and give you a great big hug. You were like a second father to me and you will always have such a dear place in my heart. I love you forever no matter what. Although gone far too soon and without the proper goodbyes May you Rest In Peace.

  8. Tomorrow marks 3 months without you dad, crazy that it just feels like yesterday i was hearing you tell me you love me. I feel stupid writing on this because it makes no difference and everybody knows how i feel. Life is hard and its just getting harder without you being here with me, not sure how anything will end up like but all i know is I’m so lost without you & my days are just going by fast. I hope you are looking at me and guiding me, i love you dad❤️

  9. Peter we all miss you. Wishing you were still here. It has not been easy. How can this happen?? Its so surreal. We love you very much and thank you for always taking care of all of us. Again missing you everyday words cannot express the feelings Teresa, Peter J, and Dilan feel just how bad we miss you.

  10. I hope to see u one day. You were an amazing man and the best to me. I am sorry I didn’t say goodbye.

  11. Peter I miss you so much. You were a 2nd dad to me. You taught me more than you’ll ever know. Your inspirational. Your kids are amazing. Your family will always have a place in my heart no matter what. I love you

  12. I will never forget you kaka I miss you a lot, every day I feel more about your departure and it hurts more because many things were not fair before you left and I know you already saw them from where you are …..
    Your memories are with me and I know how much you loved me and protected me, I knew it despite your classic moments, you loved me until your end, I forgive you that you did not reach to repair them, time betrayed you …
    Rest in peace you deserve it you were always a fighter, I send you this message to heaven, it is my only way, I hope you receive it, I love you kaka 😭 por siempre

  13. I am always thinking about you and everything you taught me. Amazing in and out. I love you and miss you so much.

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