Memorial Book for Marilyn Saffer Goldsmith

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  1. I loved Lynn and so enjoyed her! Didn’t we all? I’m so lucky to have know her and had her as my friend. God speed Dear One.

  2. Thank you for your wisdom, your amazing sense of humor and your friendship. I always enjoyed speaking seeing you and chatting with you. You will be forever in my mind and heart

  3. I admired how Lynne carried the weight of her many years with great dignity, courage and grace. She continues to be an inspiration in that regard. Am also remembering her stylish elder persona: long skirts, tops draped with large beautiful scarf or shawl — a delightful sight at our holiday gatherings. And I was pleased to note the strong spirit of her presence at Gary’s unveiling in January. I can see how my friend Ellen gets many of her special qualities from her mom.

  4. Quick humor, a ready smile, breaking out into a dance step….. those are my earliest memories of Lynn. Later as her eyesight became more dim the sense of humor still ready… even if at herself… the new images that danced across her vision field. I experienced her so present in life with her emotions, with her experiences, unafraid to express and show up in relationship. I will miss your Portland visits. I thank you for dear Ellen and the rest of your “kids” who carry much of your resiliance and humor into the world.

  5. Lynne is and was an awesome being. So very engaged with life, topical, deeply feeling and a total character. It was always a pleasure to connect with you Lynn, and I know all of us will miss you. I also know the last while was not easy and I am so relieved to hear your leaving seemed gentle. Sending you much love on your travels and next adventures beyond.

  6. We lived two doors apart and deeply enjoyed each other’s company – mostly in passing, but always with a wisecrack, some astute commentary and affection. Marilyn was a great neighbor, a character and a lovely person. We miss you.

  7. I lived next door to Marilyn for about 12 years–and have missed her fellowship, sense of humor, and thoughtfulness ever since I moved. She made the floor a homier place, and to me she will always be an inspiration for how to live life heartily and happily.

  8. Marilyn….she was charming
    the winks she gave you were disarming
    always witty and wise, independent and giving
    she was always keeping busy with the business of living
    Marilyn…. she was creative
    very unique not imitative
    with her colorful clothes and her own special style
    her good humor coming through her in that sardonic smile
    Marilyn…. she was a pisser
    All those who knew her sure will miss her
    Wishing we still could hug and kiss her…

  9. Ganze Mishpocheh. This comes to mind when I think of Lynn. We were many degrees of separation but family all the same. I think that was her way and I was fortunate to benefit from it. Although we did not speak often enough, we always had a lot to discuss, some jokes to share, snide remarks to make over the state of affairs in the world. She was her own person right to the end. Happy peaceful trails to you.

  10. Marilyn was a beloved client of VISIONS Services and will be missed very much by many of the staff and clients, but most of all by me. I enjoyed our weekly chats and how she would spontaneously burst out into song or ask her Google Home device to tell us a joke. I’m so glad to have known her and I will never forget the times we’ve shared. Rest peacefully Marilyn!

  11. We came to know Lynn mostly through her Portland family. The love she had for Ellen, Gary and You Li was always so warm and caring, and her sense of humor always front and center.And she made us feel part of her extended family, as she probably did with most people she met! She will be missed, but her specialness will live on in her children and grandchildren who loved her so…

  12. Marilyn was a force of nature. When she used to come to VISIONS she was a ball of energy. She always had wit. She definitely was an opinionated lady! We always had such great conversations. I loved hearing about her family. She knew how to connect to everyone she met. I will miss her so much!

  13. Marilyn was a dear friend to me, and I truly loved her. Though we rarely saw one another, we never once missed our birthday greetings over 34 years! She was often on my mind, and always in my heart. She was a such a strong, caring, generous person, and her loss will impact those around her in many, many ways, and for many, many days to come.
    My heartfelt sympathy to her dear children, and grandchildren, who meant the world to her…Rest in love and peace, Marilyn.

  14. I knew Marilyn for a relatively short time but thought of her often. She was wonderful, wise, and witty. She taught me a million things that I carry with me still and always will. I wouldn’t be where I am now if I hadn’t had the chance to meet her.

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