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Laura Koster

Date: Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Time: 9:30am

Location: Waters Chapel

Cemetery: Riverside Cemetery

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Maja Sinovcic
5 months ago

The most memorable things about Laura that will stay with me forever are her keen sense of humor, happy spirit and a beautiful smile. Laura made me laugh with her witty jokes, was always full of warmth and genuine happiness every time we seen each other, and was always ready to give me a great hug. I will miss terribly her sweet personality and her cheerful presence as she made every gathering so much brighter and joyful. Rest peacefully my beautiful friend.

Suzannah Belle Jasmine Antonick Blackberg Israel
5 months ago

My first cousin Laura, my birthday the 6th and hers the 12th of September. We were 2 years apart in age. Since I can remember Laura never gave up a challenge, determined, courageous and fun to be around we would laugh hysterically with one another. My dear sensitive, empathetic, wholesome and kind cousin Laura whom was also a great listener who found enjoyment in positive advice. I really enjoyed our conversations. Oh! Yes there’s so many memories, but I only wish I could have another dance embraced with my dear cousin Laura what a kindered spirit. We never hung the phone up without saying luv ya and always saw eye to eye. It is such a blessing to have Laura as my cousin. So long.

Rebecca Teplow
5 months ago

Laura was the absolutely best listener I have ever met. She was my very good friend and she was truly joyous when something good happened in my life. It’s such an unusual quality to be truly happy for someone else’s joy.
I loved her with all my heart and she was like a member of my family. My children and husband loved her deeply and we will miss her so so much.
She saw GD in everything and appreciated every moment of life.
Brilliant, kind, strong and sensitive. Nobody knew how to laugh and love like our Refaela Chana Leah.