Memorial Book for Gloria Golden

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  1. Gloria was a special person and a special friend. She was talented, compassionate and fun to be with. I loved her and will always miss her.

  2. My dear, famous friend, who was always on the move gathering people together to share her joy and successes at her photography showings and award presentations. Gloria was a living, happy inspiring, creative, and talented lady., who enjoyed many loving friends and colleagues. I was lucky to enjoy some fun times with her through the decades in which we tap danced , painted in her yard with her wearing more paint than the canvas, attended yoga lessons which were never that quiet with her there, and we applauded her mandolin performances . We often met at the Coffee Shop where Gloria’s coffee was never hot enough . As I was opening my car door, Gloria pulled into the spot next to mine at the same time disallowing the door to close. After surveying the damages we tied the door shut laughing hysterically and proceeded to laugh as we enjoyed our morning coffee. (Barry and Tom didn’t laugh when they heard the news.) We attended decades of Tilles Center and Broadway performances , the Russian night clubs in Brighten Beach, dinners everywhere. We celebrated the happiest and saddest events in each other’s lives. She was there …always there . Most important in her life were her family. Together Barry and Gloria had a marriage made in heaven. Their live, respect, and support for each other was beautiful. Gloria’s light shined brightly and will continue to shine in our heats. They say love never dies . We love you Gloria.

  3. I will always remember her warm smile her sinning eyes and how her face lit up when talking about her family! She was a proud mom, a loving devoted wife and a steadfast dedicated grandma!! Her breakfasts with her colleagues at PS 95, always made the day more beautiful and filled with her bright thoughts. We will always think of intelligent adventures! With caring to her family.

  4. Gloria was a unique, talented, caring. special lady and true friend. She was the ultimate shopping queen and was able to weed out the best in a store not only fir herself but her grandchildren as well. I enjoyed our breakfast and lunch h dates together and her love and pride for her children and three grandchildren always came through in our conversations. We used to meet in the same diners and she was such a regular customer that they knew her by name and her food order too. I will miss our fun shopping time and will always hold our friendship as very special. Love you Gloria

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We welcome you to share your memories with us and with those who visit here.
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