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Dale Sokolow

Date: Thursday, January 13, 2022

Time: 2:00pm

Location: Graveside

Cemetery: Beth Moses Cemetery

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Caren Lucas
4 months ago

I knew Dale was someone special before I learned how special she was. That first introduction to Dale in the early 2000’s was at an EGA meeting in the HHH Library. I stumbled into the evening business meeting and lesson from reading a hallway sign reading EGA Embroiderer’s meeting tonight. I’d done embroidery before, or so I thought . . . . Meeting Dale and the friends she cultivated in that EGA group was a life changer. She lead us, she taught us, and sometimes she even scolded, well me at least, but always she was there to share her love of sewing, her love of her home, her family and while doing so gave so many friendship, a very valuable friendship. I will miss her very much, may her name forever and always be of blessed memory.