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What To Do At the Time of Death

hospiceWhen a death has occurred, depending on where it has occurred determines whom you should call. If death occurs in a hospital or nursing facility, you should contact the funeral director you have chosen to assist you.

If death occurs at home and the deceased is under hospice care, you should contact the hospice who will dispatch a nurse to the home to pronounce death. At this point, the hospice nurse will ask you which funeral home you will be using and they will call us.

If death occurs at home and the deceased is not under hospice care, you will need to call 911 who will dispatch emergency services to pronounce the death. The police will also arrive and will fill out the necessary paperwork in order to release the deceased to the funeral director. While waiting for the police to arrive, you should contact the funeral director to alert them so they can prepare to come once the deceased has been released by the police.

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